Can't hear anyone who joins, they end up disconnecting

I can give more info about my setup, but here is the full console log.

Everything works fine up to the point of the second person joining, I cant hear them and they eventually disconnect. Hopefully the console logs can shed some light on what I might be doing incorrectly.

I have censored the url for security reasons…

Check your firewall, make sure required ports are open and properly forwarded if behind a NAT.

@Freddie Ive got ports 80, 443, 4443, and 10000 udp forwarded. I have the firewall off on the server rn.

How did you install?

It’s running in a podman container thats running on Ubuntu. All the ports are forwarded from the container to the bare metal ubuntu, which is then forwarded to the router which I have double checked that the ports are all correct on.

I can access the website just fine, the only issue is actually starting the conference when that second person joins.

I’ll netstat on the server right now and confirm that every port is being listened on

EDIT: Yes, they are all being listened on

Actually, I checked in the container itself too, and almost all the ports are correct, but the port 4443 doesn’t seem to be listened on… is this normal for it to not show up all the time or could this be the issue?

I’m not familiar with your setup, but the issue you’re experiencing is almost always due to a firewall, so you need to check properly.

Indeed, I suspect something is up with my routers firewall perhaps. I will just run it on a vps for the time being. :slight_smile: