Can't hear any Notifications sound on Safari and Chrome browser of Iphone

is this a known issue?

@Freddie @saghul any thoughts on this

Do you hear the notification sounds when you use the iOS app?

@Freddie in-app it works fine.

What about if you set the mobile browser to desktop mode; do the sounds come through then?

@Freddie Yes tested just now the issue is there…
attaching log for reference

If the behavior is the same in browser desktop mode, then it may be that something is not supported in iOS. I just tested on mobile Firefox on an Android device and reaction sounds work fine. I don’t have an iPhone around right now that I can test with.

oh Okay, Can I raise, a bug in the GitHub repo in that case?

@Freddie @damencho if Notifications sound we can’t hear then how are the audio of the conference is passed over?
just curious to know.

I don’t know if it’s a bug. It sounds to me like a browser/OS limitation, if anything. Perhaps you should research more online first to make sure before raising a github issue.

Conference audio is passed as media through UDP. Notifications are just sound files that are triggered by actions - they don’t travel from one client to the other.

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@Freddie to play sounds on iOS We require user interactions…

Ah, that explains why you’re not getting notification sounds then, per your report. :+1:t5: