Cant get running jitsi on local ip in docker (new to docker)

I meant, docker was running fine with fake domain=“meet.jitsi” but after that I stopped all containers,removed them and deleted config folder and then again run with changing the “meet.jitsi” to “” in xmpp parts of “.env” file. though I didnt make change in “docker-compose.yml”(I didnt understand the linking of meet.jitsi network in this file,I just thought it was only in .env file) file it was running fine. is this should be ok?

No, that probably isn’t ok. You also need to check the aliases in docker-compose. Really, don’t do it. It’s only there so people can change it if they run the containers separately, like in k8s or something elsse. The compose setup works best as is.

I have done as u said and it is working fine now with authentication and etherpad.

Now I want to use "muc_size" module to monitor my server. I know it needs prosody 0.11 or higher.. how can I know which versions of prosody/jvb/jicofo are running in docker? if it is 0.11 or higher what should I do next?

as far as I understood,by running docker-compose.yml it indicate and configure the services and then the docker files in the service folder get to running and save a compiled configuration of the instructions in config folder which is also used for later running.
I tried to check prosody version in dockerfile but couldn’t. I even tried to add “muc_size” module in modules enabled area of prosody/rootfs/defaults/conf.d/jitsi-meet.cfg.lua but found out no change in actual “config folder” -> “prosody”. then manually added the module to virtual host “meet.jitsi” in config/prosody/conf.d. now should I reload or something to get the effect?
I saw there are already some modules enabled like “bosh”,“pubsub”,“ping” and plugin_paths = { “/prosody-plugins/”, “/prosody-plugins-custom” } but I couldn’t find the prosody-plugins folder where these modules are already added. how to find the folder and how can add “muc_size” module if it isn’t there… ? is this even possible to run query in server while running in docker ?

Thanx in advance @saghul :heart: