Can't get full menu. 2 problems

I have downloaded the app.
A number of problems
Can’t get full menu to schedule a meeting.
I can get a meeting going but it’s immediate.
Can’t get a Canadian phone number (some participants only landline). It says online to click for more numbers but I don’t have the full menu and dont have that option.
I’ve tried this on my pc, tablet and Android.
Please help.

Hi @Marsha! Welcome to the forum! :smiley:

There is no scheduling feature per-se built into Jitsi by default. I say “per se” because you can somewhat ‘schedule’ a meeting by using the Calendar feature to add a meeting link to an event. But the fact is that, it’s merely a link, that actual room does not exist and will not exist until someone uses the link and enters the room. What this means is that if for some reason, you choose a meeting name that’s easily guessed (or popular e.g. meeting, conference e.t.c…), someone else may use the same link and then they would ‘own’ that meeting until they’re done.

I’m assuming you’re using the public instance of the server (https// of course.

To get additional gateway numbers, click on the Screen Shot 2020-10-15 at 11.05.24 PM button at the top or the Screen Shot 2020-10-15 at 11.04.25 PM icon on the lower-right corner. Either one will bring up the “Invite more people” pop-up menu shown below:

Screen Shot 2020-10-15 at 11.04.11 PM

Click on the “More numbers” link and that should launch a web page which shows all the gateway numbers available.

Hope this answers your questions.

Thank you so much!!