Cant get audio or video behind nat

good day

i install a jitsi behind nat. and i config jvb:

i change single port(org.jitsi.videobridge.SINGLE_PORT_HARVESTER_PORT) to 9010
port 443 was mapped to 10443 on internet

after i create a conference. two user can join this conference, but can’t get audio or radio.
i use wireshark to capture package. i found the udp package were send to NAT_HARVESTER_LOCAL_ADDRESS rather than NAT_HARVESTER_PUBLIC_ADDRESS

i wanna know how to config it.


from chrome://webrtc-internals/

If you want to connect to the external address use a client from outside. The clients in the same network as jvb will connect to it directly in the same network.

you mean my two clients should be in different network with jvb? two cllient both connect to jvb from outside? right? @damencho

Yep, when a client is in the same network with jvb that client will use the local network to connect to it

hi @damencho

when two clients connect to jvb from outside. they can’t get video or radio.

in console of chrome, i found this one:

and from wireshark, i found this one:

there are many package that were sent to , but dont get any response from server.

what is the problem?


No port forwarding or firewall is the usual.

Thanks,you are right !!

my single port mapped to 9010 via TCP, but udp is not available.