Can't find the recording in Dropbox

The dropbox was full but Jitsi still recorded (we actually had to record twice because we went over an hour, and there wasn’t a “full storage” warning). We’ve cleared the dropbox folder now and the recordings are still not appearing
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Hi Elena, I believe we retry to some extent, so it may still show upp, but there is a chance its’ gone because we don’t store user data.

I jump onto your conversation.
@Elena_Sansigre, did you eventually find your missing record?

My situation is even weirder and I would love some help please, because it is very embarassing for my business, as accessing the records is part of the courses’ package I sell:

I recorded my lesson in 3 parts yesterday,
the 1st one (about 1 hour) got loaded on dropbox
the 3rd one (20 minutes left) was notified with an url which I followed and downloaded the file
the 2nd one (about 1 hour) is purely missing, no url, no loaded file!!!
I can guess how the file may be named, but how could I find it on the external servor without a link?
I am stressed out not to ever see it appear, and the servor keep the files and url are valid only for 24h.
What else could I do to solve my problem, up to you?

Thanks a lot for helping me,
Mayliss, Apprendre Avec Autisme

Did you check to make sure you have enough storage in Dropbox for the file? Usually when recordings don’t show up, it’s because there’s insufficient storage space. Clear your Dropbox and wait a little while, the recording might show up there.

Thanks @Freddie for replying. This is indeed the official answer I know. My dropbox is already as clean as a baby’s bottom :wink: And the last time a similar issue happened to me, the file never showed up either, so it’s a liiiiittle might
Just to be on the same page, when you say “a little while”, what do you mean? Minutes, hours, days? When can we consider it’s gone forever? I’ve been patient up to days last time, and this time it’s already almost 48h since the recording.

Sorry to hear that. I do believe if it hasn’t showed up after 48hrs, it’s gone forever.

Thanks for carrying my grief in this loss too. This is highly frustrating.

Hello can you help me find a recording from today which is not on my Dropbox like it used to be? Thanks for your response