Can't disable background blur

I tried to use background blur on Chrome and it froze everything on the tab, I couldn’t even close the tab. I have tried to disable the option but everything I tried so far got me nowhere. I tried pressing the disable blur button, changing features/blur to false from local storage and lastly I tried to clear my cache. None of those worked. If you could help me that would be great. Thanks!

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Try wiping the local storage for the domain.

I’ve got the same issue and I tried wiping everything possible. It doesn’t change anything and i can’t make calls anymore.
I tried removing the camera permission for jisti, the tab don’t freeze anymore but i can’t get video.
I looked in the console when i press on the “disable blur” button and this is what i’ve seen “actions.js:20 Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot destructure property ‘jitsiTrack’ of ‘Object(…)(…)’ as it is undefined.”

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i have same problem. tried delete all state included workers but problem doesn’t dissapear. tried lock camera but tab still freeze. all browser tabs get stucked

Same problem. I’m a user without specific knowledges on codes and so on…

I found a temporary “solution” to don’t have a freezing browser. Remove camera permissions for jitsi, you will still be able to talk or share screen.

I have found a solution! I deleted cookies on Chrome and the problem was fixed

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Yep, this worked for me too - the developer’s window had no data because the page was getting frozen, couldn’t access any info there.

You may also just navigate to your jitsi main page and enter javascript:window.localStorage.removeItem('features/blur') into the URL bar, or open the javascript console and enter window.localStorage.removeItem('features/blur'); there.
I’m having the same issue…