Cant create room in local server

am newbe an i wan to create room and load on some div on a webservice,i have jitsi-meet installed on local server a debian machine
with this code

const domain = '';
 const options = {
 roomName: ${room},
         enableWelcomePage : true ,
         width: j,
         height: i,
         moderator: true,
         parentNode: document.querySelector('#chambre')
     const api = new JitsiMeetExternalAPI(domain, options);

with ‘’ domain every think work great ,alse if i copy and past the url of the room and access directely from the browser

i can access to from the browser
i can access https:/// to

but the room is not created by the script above “404 you can create …” untill a create it manualy or in another browaser tab
once created i can access

so i gess that the script is used to join not create,or there is some configuration in the server that i can’t fined in other topics

so can some one help to debug and fix that

hi,it was my fault roomName: {room} should be roomName: '{room}’ with quots
hope that help some one else