Cant create a dash in conference names

Whenever I try and make a conference with a dash in it (like test-123) i get thrown to a jetty 404. I tried changing the jetty regex to allow the dash since it doesnt seem to be allowed^/([a-zA-z0-9]+)$

. I can create a room after adding the dash into the regex, but then video and audio no longer works and it makes conferences fail.

Is there any way i can allow room names with other characters?

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Your regex doesn’t match dashes, wouldn’t you mean “^/([a-zA-Z0-9-]+)$” (with a “Z” instead of a “z” after the A, and a dash at the end)?

Anyway, I have this regexp too, and I feel like it’s breaking bosh’s /http-bind reverse proxy (which I’m already struggling to make work) if we allow dashes. Maybe it does rewriting before reverse proxy / bosh / etc., and in the end as bosh doesn’t work anymore, conferences fail.

But first I must tell I find that ugly, and then that just made me realize that room names arbitrarily only accept a-zA-Z0-9… so that’s not only pretty restrictive, and imho abusively encouraging camelCase over snake_case and kebab-case, but is preventing any language that doesn’t fit into ascii: so italian will do, but some british english won’t, french won’t without orthographically questionable alterations, anything in cyrilic won’t do, etc.

Couldn’t we just rewrite everything like “^/.*$”, and find a way so that bosh keeps working (and if something else didn’t prepared for more diverse kind of room names, fix it, quote appropriately when needed, etc.)?

Yeah I had already tried with the regex you mentioned, sorry i should be specified that as well. I had to keep setting back my regex to default value in order for things to work.

So your current regex matches the default that mine is, and dashes do not work for you either? I am curious how others might have theirs set when using Jetty.

I’d love for it to accept way more characters, as I agree it seems quite restrictive.

I actually use apache, but I’d like to know what it would be for you…
Did you find a way to support that dash without breaking bosh? Try bosh
for each regexp at https://yourhost/http-bind.

In the end I can make it support dashes, if in apache instead of the
ProxyPass jitsi installs by default, I use several “RewriteRule”s (as
prosody’s doc’ wrongly advises, since it’s slower and brings more charge
as it doesn’t keep proxy connections alive according apache doc’), so
the first overtakes the http-bind redirection (otherwise it won’t work)

But even with ^/([[:alnum:]-]+), or, more strictly, ^/([a-zA-Z0-9а-я-]+), it won’t support cyrillic, such as “жици” (the
word jitsi’s name originally’s from). Though it will with
^/([[:alnum:]жица-]+)$. It’s unusual to be that much restrictive and
unicode-unsupportive in a regexp implementation. Emacs (which I’m
currently using to write this) or anything using GNU libc will work
pretty well.