Can't configure JVB websocket(colibri ws)

I’m having some trouble using jvb websocket (ws-colibri) on tcp port 443. I have install jitsi meet in ubuntu 20.04 with quick installtion process…Websocket is diabled by default and can’t enable it.

Unless your installation has been cursed, this can’t be ! Websockets for JVB are enabled by default on recent versions of Jitsi. Post browser console logs.

I have installed again and meeting is perfactly working.But according to jitsi videobridge websocket i can’t find out “session-initiate”. Are the websockets enable or not?

the easiest way I know to find out if they are used is with a minimal conference with 3 users, you see normally the users in a grid, if one of the user windows is surrounded by a thin blue line and it moves from an user to another when the user is talking (is the current speaker), websockets are working.