Can't activate Background Blur

Hi everybody, I’ve been checking out jitsi, looking for a more privacy protected alternative to other apps.

I noticed that there is a button to activate the beta feature “background blur”. However clicking the button doesn’t do anything either in chrome nor with firefox. In the IOS app I can’t find it at all.

Is it in such an early stage that there are still such big limitations or is there anything wrong on my hand?

Edit: sorry I just noticed, that this seems to be the forum for on premise installations. Please move this thread to a more appropriate category (users?).

Other than that I really like it :slight_smile: The youtube sharing is not a must have but seems neat (but also doesn’t show up on iOS?) Only thing that I’m missing is some kind of whiteboard functionality (people able to scriblle on your shared screen). Keep it up ! :slight_smile: