Can't access the camera

He there. My integrated webcam only works when I’m alone on jitsti. When someone joins me acces is refused. I don’t use the camera on the same time for another application and reload doesn’t work. When I quit Jitsi and use another videocallapplication, my camera works very well. Jitsicamera doesn’t work at different types of webbrowsers. I work with Windows1 10 Home, version 21H1, since oct 2020. Camera access has been denied for about 10 days. Before it was working perfectly. Can somebody help me? Regards, Annelies

Which browser do you use ? This may be caused either by an upgrade of your browser, or a lack of upgrade. If you use an old version of Chrome, that may be it.

I am using Chrome and i did not miss any update, I checked it. Thnaks for your reaction.

You said you did try other browsers, did you test with Firefox also ? And when you say ‘other video call applications’ are they running in a browser or are they running as OS applications ?
Please go to and try the test, it’s supposed to be the standard to which Jitsi-meet is conforming. If it does not work, the problem comes from your computer (OS ? browser ? some other software that was installed by you or something else that is interfering ?)

Hmm, if it’s a change in that is the culprit, it’s possible to use aother public Jitsi instance that may be at a previous version. There is a list here:

I just checked, it’s a moderately well-known association in my country so I’d go out on a limb and say that they deserve some trust, the site is running a vanilla version of Jitsi-meet as of 4 weeks ago (the so-called stable version, 6433) and even if they can’t replace because their resources are certainly far lower, you could use their site for a quick test to verify if it’s a change in that is causing your troubles.