Can't access the (apparently successfully made) recording

I’m using Jitsi Meet 20.1.0 on Android 6 from F-Droid. I’ve started a conversation with other participants via, started recording and judging by the application’s response, it went on just fine. However, I can’t locate it.

I have the same issue. I started a meeting on Android, successfully started the recording but can’t find it!

Where does the app store them?

Many thanks

If you have started a recording, that means that maybe you are using your own Jitsi deployment, with Jibri, right? There are no server-side recordings on, only local ones and the mobile app doesn’t support local recordings (yet).

If that’s the case, your recording should be where your JIbri server is configured to store it.

If not - please tell us more, how did you start the meeting and the recording.

Hello Yasen, thank you very much for taking the time to answer my question.

I was on my Android phone, downloaded the Jitsi app and started the meeting. When I pressed the START RECORDING option, I heard a message saying the recording was starting and I could see the red button on, confirming it was recording.

Then I stopped the recording before leaving the room and heard the confirmation message ‘recording stopped’.

I’ve looked everywhere and found nothing. It seems that if it is recording, it is not saved anywhere. When I looked at my directories, nothing new had been added during that day… :roll_eyes:

Thank you again for your help.

It doesn’t sound like this is on Server-side recordings (now only on private Jitsi deployments) can only be accessed on the server or a remote location, if provisioned accordingly. You need to check with the owner/admin of the Jitsi deployment you had your meeting on to access the recording.