Cannot share computer sound with screen share


I am new to Jitsi and I am sorry if this is not a supported feature. Is there a way to share computer sound when sharing screens? I tested it with Chrome on Windows 10.

Here is our use case:

I have a startup and I was looking for a platform that does not require software install at the customer site. Our customers are teachers with limited online skills. We meet with them online using Zoom but Zoom is proving to be too complex for them.

I tried Jitsi and it is perfect barring one major problem. During the meeting we do share our screen and play some videos here and there. With Zoom they can hear the video as well as us. With Jitsi I could not get them to hear the video unless I add it to YouTube and stream but in that case it gets whole lot more complicated than Zoom for them as we cannot hear each other while YouTube video is playing, etc etc. Our presenters are also teachers and are not very computer savvy either. So YouTube streaming is off the table.

It will be really cool if we could use Jitsi. Looking forward to some help.



We are using Webrtc and it can get audio only from a microphone, you cannot capture the audio from an output device and send it. If you try to get the output from the PC back into the microphone (basically using the speakers and the mic from your laptop for example), I suppose echo cancelation will kick in and they may not hear it at all, or not hear it well as it maybe considered as an echo.
I think there are software’s that you can install that can feed the output from the computer to a pseudo mic device which then can be used as an input in chrome, but this is not convenient at all, to switch devices just for moment sharing a video …
So I would say this is not currently supported by the browsers.


Thank you damencho. I just installed Virtual Audio Cable and it was able to route the Computer Sound to the headphone microphone. Because it is a headphone, there is no loopback issue. Brilliant.

The only annoying thing is that the user needs to START the cable and then STOP it when not needed. Also, not sure for the longevity as I did not test it in real life scenario yet. If there even a small memory leak, it might ruin the meetings, running on the background.


Using a virtual cable did not work with the business process. Users are just too non-techie to handle fall out scenarios especially when used with SoftPhone, etc. It is also not really scale-able.

So, it appears Jitsi is not fit for our business unless we remove videos from the presentations.

I was wondering whether there is any plan to include merging the Computer Sound to the microphone sound while screen sharing in the coming versions. I know WebRTC must support it.

PS: I saw this thread which talks about this but not sure whether it is now available:


Why do you think so? The link you pasted is referring to mic, but you want to get the output and feed it to a stream, which I think is not supported.


I think it came out wrong. What I meant was that WebRTC must support it for it to be implemented. Does it support it?

All I need is for the computer sound to travel the same path as my voice in the microphone. Virtual Cable can push the sound into a headphone mic. In a browser, I believe it must be done through WebRTC as the browser does not have the type of access to the computer’s resources that Virtual Cable software has.


Webrtc does not support it. It can obtain and send audio only from input devices as microphone.