Cannot set up Jibri on Ubuntu 16.04 server


Unfortunately not…


Could anyone from Jitsi comment on how to resolve this or should I raise a bug?


Anyone? As far as I can tell jibri is broken right now…


Hi @MattB98,

The current jibri(6.8.68) seems to work well in case of the connections. I am still facing the audio not recorded issue there. Can you please test it ? Or elaborate on the problem you are currently facing?



HI @abhijitnathwani - I’ve just upgraded my Jibri machine, I now have 6.8.68-1 installed. I’m getting exactly the same problem as noted above where the jibri process fails to start: Cannot set up Jibri on Ubuntu 16.04 server


So I started a new VM and downgraded to kernel 4.4.0-116-generic. I then ran through the installation for Jibri. Installing linux-image-extra-virtual upgraded to 4.4.0-141-generic (which seems a pretty recent security update so I’m happy to be running on that).

So I now appear to have a stable jibri service (it doesn’t crash after a few seconds)! :grinning: - I’d consider this thread closed, although the jibri documentation ought to reference the kernel requirements.

However, when I go to record in my Jitsi meet I get ‘Recording Unavailable’ - but that’s probably a separate thread. One step foward, one step back…


@MattB98 apparently we’re in the same boat. The documentation is just not very good. I’m still struggling to understand the required hostnames and how they map to individual servers. Jibri is connecting to XMPP. My logs all read clear now but “Live Streaming failed to start” is still apparently and I can’t tell how to troubleshoot.


Hi @kmui ,

Can you please post your logs when the error occurs?