Cannot select Devices in Settings



Hi there,

I am running Ubuntu 18.04 and The latest Firefox.

When going to, I am prompted for the proper camera and microphone. After allowing the camera and mi access, if I go int settings, I can select the appropriate camera device, but no options show up under the microphone.

Any ideas?


Audio input selection is disabled on firefox due to incompatibility. At the time that device selection was implemented, Firefox did not support having two internal representations of audio tracks at one time. The way audio changing was implemented in jitsi-meet was maintaining the initial track, creating the new track, ensuring the new track has been created, and then destroying the old track. That period when the two tacks exists would cause some kind of error. As a workaround, because re-writing the track changing logic was scarier, audio input selection on firefox was disabled.,


Does it just use the “default” device in your system settings then?


When you provide permissions in firefox you should be given an opportunity to select a device. You can revoke those permissions to retrigger the firefox permissions prompt.