Cannot See Video, Only Black Screen - Manual Install of Jitsi Meet on OpenBSD 6.4


I’m trying to self-host jitsi meet on OpenBSD 6.4 (amd64). I managed to get chat working for multiple users, but once I try to share video, I only see a black screen where the avatar used to be. My server is hosted on a public IP address (with valid DNS records). I should not need to punch any NATs, and I have tested that my firewall is not blocking external connections.

Here is how I set up jitsi meet along with config files and error logs:

Can anyone help?

Clarify: Both clients are behind NATs, but jitsi meet on the server is on a fixed, public IP address.

I don’t see anything obvious in the logs. The jvb logs show pairs that had succeeded, so communication between jvb and clients seems fine.

I tried testing but I got CONFERENCE FAILED: conference.videobridgeNotAvailable, can you turn jvb back on, so I can test.

Mind that the binary for data channels will not work on BSD and you will not have datachannels which are used for the statistics shown between clients, for dominant speaker, lastN adaptivity and simulcast switching layers.

My sincere apologies, I had jvb running but it crashed after leaving it
on for several hours.

I went ahead and turned jvb back on. I am right now in this room:

If you happen to have xmpp, my jabber id is, and you
can also reach me by irc if you are on oftc or efnet (nick is jrmu).

Clarify, I turned on jvb, but jitsi meet is still not working! Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you once again.

Again, the logs are here:

Seems very strange, ICE is not failing but there is no media. I suspect that some of the jvb exceptions affect the jvb functioning in general and is breaking something …