Cannot run meeting after installing Jitsi-meet on subdomain

Hello all,

Thanks a lot for this amazing platform. I had no issues installing it couple of days ago on the root of my domain but I am encountering issues installing it on a subdomain.


I have an Nginx webserver installed on an AWS EC2 instance. mywebsite[.]com already redirects to my homepage and contains my product website, but I want to create a subdomain meet[.]mywebsite[.]com to host my meetings using Jitsi.

What I have done so far

I have used the Quick Install guide. However, for the hostname part, I have not replaced the current value on /etc/hostname by meet[.]mywebsite[.]com but by mywebsite[.]com as I find it weird to rename my host to a subdomain. Should I have done differently here? Similarly, on /etc/hosts, I have just added this line: localhost mywebsite[.]com. It’s not mentioned in the Quick Install guide but maybe should I have rebooted my instance before proceeding to the next step?

I followed the next steps to the letter, but I noticed I was not asked whether I want to use a self-signed certificate or no certificate at all like when I wanted to install Jitsi on my root domain.

After that, I create a DNS A entry from meet[.]mywebsite[.]com to my instance’s IP address. However, it’s not working.

I notice first that my Nginx configuration file does not include the Jitsi-generated configuration file, so I add the following within the http context of my Nginx conf file: include /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/*.*;

Still not working. I notice that the port assigned to the HTTPS connection in the Jitsi-generated Nginx configuration file is 4444, so I replaced that with 443. I reload Nginx, still not working.

I install the Let’s Encrypt certificate (with domain meet[.]mywebsite[.]com), and now the landing page works!

I try to start a meeting, but now problems again. After allowing my camera and my mic, I get the following message displayed: “Unfortunately something went wrong. We’re trying to fix this. Reconnecting in xxx seconds”.

I am putting my browser logs and jicofo, jitsi-videobridge2 and prosody logs and statuses in the following folder:

Thank you for your help.


I have reinstalled everything after putting in /etc/hostname and /etc/hosts and rebooting my machine. Still doesn’t work :confused: