Cannot recover from JVB Failover when enableUnifiedOnChrome=true

Just notices that if I set enableUnifiedOnChrome: true, then audio/video is lost for everyone when Jicofo fails over the call to a different JVB. It recovers as expected once I set enableUnifiedOnChrome: false.

I should point out I’m still on the stable version from June (jitsi-meet-web==1.0.5056-1) and have not tested with latest unstable.

Is this a known issue (and already addressed)? If not, happy to provide logs to assist with debug.

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Thanks for reporting this. Can you please provide the client console logs for both the cases to help debug this issue ?

My pleasure.

Logs for 3-party call with enableUnifiedOnChrome=false, where call recovers within seconds JVB is stopped and Jicofo migrates it to another instance:

Logs for 3-party call with enableUnifiedOnChrome=true, where audio/video never recovers even though call was migrated to a different JVB:

I have identified an issue in our client lib that can cause this issue. Until this gets fixed, you can enable forced restart on the client by setting enableForcedReload: true in your config.js. This automatically restarts the client, it also prevents a bandwidth estimation issue that the new bridge runs into after the endpoints are migrated. There are more fixes coming for ice restart case in general.

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Strange, it doesn’t seem like enableForceReload: true is helping in this case.

I’ve retested this 3 times just to be sure, and in each test recovery works ok if enableUnifiedOnChrome is disabled but fails when I re-enable it :frowning:

My bad. enableForcedReload: true does work as a temporary workaround. Thanks!

I look forward to the upcoming fixes.