Cannot recognize (see or hear) participant, and versa

I created a conference URL as first user and stayed in the room. I selected everyone starts hidden, to avoid sharing our cameras by default.
A few minutes after a participant entered the room. But I couldn’t recognize that he entered, and versa, he couldn’t recognize that I’m in the room. I.e. there wasn’t a participants or moderators thumbnail showing up, even not in black.
When I left the room and joined again, we could see that everyone is here.

Client: Chrome

Anycould could explain what happened here?


@corby @damencho same issue, can u guide. i tried to add a passeord through server and restarted the serivces, but then again reverted the changes and try to add another participants… in their screen they able to join but coundlt see me… i was there already in the room and vice versa.

Using or self hosting? Did you try with 3 participants? (Or 3 of your own browser tabs)? Are there any errors in your browser console?