Cannot Post HERE?

Hello All - new user trying to post about an issue with load balancing, with full configs and logs, and it won’t let me (something about no more than 2 links in a post, but I didn’t put any ‘links’ in the post.) I’m gonna try separating it, but is there anything else I can do?


Gonna try separating it out and posting separately:

Hello - I’ve been trying this for days, and not getting anywhere.

Setup: 2 AWS EC2 servers. First installed with whole jitsi-meet suite, per the load balancing tutorial. Second has just jitsi-videobridge. The servers have a Public IP and a Private IP (per usual AWS setup) but only the private IP is actually configured on the VMs. (Ubuntu, btw, if it matters). The IPs in the configs have been edited but are correct. In fact, I cannot ‘dig’ the sample server domain name on the boxes (it comes back blank A record). I have TRIED setting the IP address/hostname pairings in /etc/hosts… does not change anything.

I can get the jitsi up and running, but it is NOT load balancing. I will post full configs, then the logs. It appears that the server-to-server connection to create the pubsub node is failing, but I don’t know why. (domain changed to (passwords redacted, but I have verified that they all match correctly).

Main Server: jicofo/

Main Server: videobridge/config:




JAVA_SYS_PROPS=" -Djava.util.logging.config.file=/etc/jitsi/videobridge/"

It won’t let me post anything else. Let me know what you need and I will see if I can extract it.

So, if you leave the second jvb is the deployment working. Just the basic install of jitsi-meet?

If that works, to add a second jvb you need to do sevaral things:

  • make prosody listen on all interfaces for the component connection
  • add to prosody new component for the second jvb
  • configure jvb to use that component (probably you need to use --subudomain parameter)
  • configure pubsub stats in jicofo and both jvbs

If something is not working, then show the prosody and jvb config.

Yes, a bog-standard install works just fine. Its when I try to open it up for load balancing that the problems occur. To be honest, I’m not quite sure WHY the standard install works, because the server only has an internal (10.x) ip, and the dns name points to the public (3.x) network. I cannot dig the domain name from the box itself, which is a bit strange.

Once I got the out of the box config working, I told prosody to listen (component_interfaces) on the domain name (doesn’t work, cause that IP does not exist on the machine), and on the 10.x network, and even on I added the new component for the 2nd jvb, and made sure the passwords match. I installed jitsi-videobridge (only) on the 2nd box, and told it to use the --subdomain=jvb2. I pointed it at a) the domain name, b) the 10.x address of the first server… neither one works. I set both up with pubsub on the 10.x network, and the name sharedNodeStats.

What I see in the logs varies depending on what I put in the HOST= line… when it’s the domain name, it says no such interface. When I put in the 10.x, it says it cannot create the pubsub node, or “I don’t serve the 10.x domain”. The main box works in all cases, but the second server never seems to be able to publish stats, and it’s never given a conference.

I would LOVE to post the configs and logs, but every time I try, it tells me “New users cannot post more than 2 links” whatever that means, or “You cannot post that URL here”… I have just cut/pasted the config files. SOME of them are in the second topic that I posted here… but I cannot post prosody.cfg, or some of the others, or any of the logs. I may be able to extract specific messages, if that’s useful.


You can use to post your configs and just give the link to the gist you created.