Cannot open Jitsi Website in Safari/Firefox/Chrome(Handy)


Hello, our Jitsi Meet is running over Docker with a script that writes changes in .jitsi-meet-cfg and a restart script that redownloaded the newest version of Jitsi and starts the docker containers , so everything is up to date.

I did not look on the server that much but I tried to go on our Jitsi web site , but there is following web error:

uh oh! we couldn’t fully download everything we needed :frowning: we will try again shortly. In the Mean time, check for problems with your internet connection!


Additional information:

In Google Chrome shortly after opening our Jitsi site , I get the error message but will send automatic to the our Jitsi Website. This does not work in Safari or Firefox. If I open our Jitsi Website on my phone via chrome I get the error message and nothing happens. This looks like a bug, because it kinda working properly in chrome on my pc.

Jitsi was running since February this year but now we running in this issue. Updating and restarting nginx and Jitsi did not solve the problem.