Cannot join the conference created by lib-jitsi-meet

I’m trying to create a conference using lib-jitsi-meet in a headless Chrome instance using Puppeteer and join it using the Jitsi External API (iframe API). I can create a meeting in a headless browser, but I can’t join the created meeting from another browser. When I tried so, another new conference with the same name is created and I’m the only participant in it.

You can view the index.html and example.js. Can someone provide me with some advice to this problem? Thanks in advance.

Puppeteer code

const browser = await puppeteer.launch({
headless: false,
product: 'chrome',
// args: ['wait-for-browser'],
defaultViewport: { width: 1600, height: 1600 },
const page = (await browser.pages())[0];
await page.goto("")

I solved this problem with this.