Cannot get jitsi to stream video and sound through 443/TCP


We have installed Jitsi, and it works for us, but I cannot figure how to keep it working when we set up meetings with corporate clients behind firewalls enforcing paranoid trafic rules. IE all trafic is proxied and only HTTP and HTTPS are allowed through.

I got the impression that jitsi would fall back to turn relay on tcp when udp 10000 is not available but I can’t get this to work.

Our setup is as follow :


I have tried many changes of my configuration but I can’t get this to stream. I can set our FW rules at will. So if this is supported we should be able to get this working.

Did I understand wrong and this setup will not work? or what is the configuration item I missed?

I have set 1 IP with 80 and 443 natted to jitsi same ports and this provides room setup connexion
I intended to use the second IP to route inbound 443/TCP flow to jitsi/turn, but I do not know which port will do. I have tried 4443, 4445, 14443, but I am under the impression I am missing some configuration fields.

To be safe, I have wiped and reinstalled the jitsi machine last night. Clean install no other software or package installed so far and almost no change to the stock install files.

Thank you