Cannot add user


thank you for the support and help. I am trying to add users from a docker installation with the following command.
sudo prosodyctl adduser user1@meet.jitsi Password

The following is the error I receive
The host ‘meet.jitsi’ is not listed in the configuration file (or is not enabled).
The user will not be able to log in until this is changed.

The install is from a docker image on cloudjiffy.

Any guidance or support would be truly appreciated.

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Is “meet.jitsi” the domain of your Jitsi installation?

no the domain is different its

Okay, that’s the problem. Your command should be:

sudo prosodyctl adduser Password

where user1 = name of user
and Password = password you select for the user

did try that as well and same issue. not sure if my docker instance is being confused as a host or if I need to provide – config with a ‘lua’ file.

Does your Jitsi installation work now? Can you host a meeting with 2 participants? And then 3 participants?

prosodyctl register [username] [your domain] [password]

Hi Freddie,

Yes the I am able to start a meeting with admin and have sent a link to start it to my phone which is also able to join. I was trying to add another user like ‘user1’

get the following error.
The given hostname does not exist in the config. Not sure what config it is looking at?

Thanks for picking that, @emrah. It’s register, not adduser .

@dersheet try to add a guest participant as a 3rd user first to confirm you’re able to host 3-way meetings. Also, if you were able to add an ‘admin’ account, how did you add it?

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looking into the file on the CloudJiffy instance I notice that when I cat /etc/hostname it shows the name of the server

confirmed I can run a threeway meeting. i am using a Jelastic instance where there is a docker image in a marketplace that works out of the box. Link below and this comes enabled with an admin account.

Okay, this is a pre-configured instance. It’s harder to help you debug. I did a quick scan through the instruction guide you referenced and I don’t see anywhere where you’re instructed on how to add new users. It might be best to reach out to the author.

thank you will contact them as things maybe related to them.

For future wanted to share the resolution.

  1. installation had to have a cron job to update the hostname, changes at restart.
  2. add a custom js file to modify the settings
  3. than follow the guide and add users.