Cannot add second audio track, possible before

Hi, I am using lib-jitsi-meet API and since once update I cannot add second audio track to the conference. This was possible before I updated but now I got an error that says “Cannot add second audio track to the conference”. I undertand that I cannot add second video track but why not second audio track?
I use the second audio track for remote sports classes, I talk with my mic and in the background (with the share screen but only audio track) I add the music for the class and students can hear both in their computers. Is there any method now to do this?
Thanks so much.

The components behind expect one audio, one video stream and the fact it was working was a good luck and that can cause other issues, that’s why there is a guard added in ljm.
We are working on multiple streams for a type, not sure that covers audio though.
@Pawel_Domas @jallamsetty Are the multistream changes you are doing are only for video or it will work and for audio?

The support is being added only for multiple video streams right now.