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We’re setting a self host jitsi server but the repo from seem to not working. Pls check it for us if the website is still active or not, thank you very much.


Yep, it seems it is down. Sorry for the inconveniences and thanks for the report. We will work on bringing it back and will let you know.

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Hi im trying to download jitsi packages but it seems like download url is not up.It gives out connection timeout. Just wanted to know if the problem still persists for everybody or its just my network.

Yep, this is known and we are working on fixing it.

Thanks for a quick reply. Can you please give an approximation of how long will it take to fix the issue and is there an alternate way to get these packages.

It is not something that depends on us at the moment, so we cannot give ETA, sorry.
There is no other way at the moment.

It is back online again.

The repo is offline again. I have tried from different ISP without luck.

Does anyone know if any mirrors exist? Also, if I end up making money by customizing various portions of this app for companies, I’d like to give a portion back to this group. How would one contribute financially?

Hi, any news about the site status?

The is hosted by Strasbourg university and I got update earlier today for major outage : Nancy & Strasbourg University are down.

Hi @damencho, is there anywhere we can follow the network outage updates? Also, once the repository is back online would it be possible to arrange for some alternate repository mirrors for redundancy? Depending on the repository size & bandwidth needs, I might be able to assist. Cheers.

Sorry, not for the moment. We will consider an alternative in the future.

Hey guys, is down again, is there any mirror or alternative?

1 Like is (still?) down. Is there any mirror @damencho ?

Is this repo really down for months now ?

//Edit: Up again :+1: Is there any mirror available?

It seems it’s again down. Any help is appreciated.


Same here.

root@jitsi:~# sudo apt-get -y update

Err:5 stable/ InRelease
Connection failed
Reading package lists… Done
W: Failed to fetch Connection failed
W: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.

Same here

Its down, I checked from different server, in Europe, in USA and in all servers there is no availability to repo.
Please fix it.

It is back and working now. We will work on changes to minimize these kind of problems.

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