Can you get a link before you start the call?


I am planning a video call with a number of people who aren’t great on computers, so want to make it as east as possible for them.

Is it possible to get a link to the call BEFORE starting the call? So if the call is next week, I’d like to be able to send out the link today and tell people to click the link at x’o clock on X date.

Is that possible?



Yes this is how things work. You come up with a link, send it to people and join at the specified time.

If you install the chrome extension for it also has calendar integration enabled, so if you go to your calendar event in outlook on the wen or google calendar you will have a button, which will create a link for you(auto-generated) and will put it for you in the event, the event which the invited people will use to join the meeting the same way if you send it to them using some other channel(email for example).

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cool. thanks and sorry for being a n00b