Can you block a person in the room? Also Static Rooms?

I have been obsessed with chat clients for 20 years now since the old desktop days and yahoo chatrooms and I have made many chat clients in the years, some great some not so great, but then mobile phones came out and it was game over for me as I was a Dev in VB, then Discord came along so I gave up. WebRTC has been out for many years now and I now have got into that but it has its restrictions that other apps don’t.
I made a great chat client using Simple WebRTC and because it was on a windows server we had so many more ways to do things like kick, ban, block all together just like other apps if you block someone they disappear for good, voice, cam the lot, but so far I have not seen that on jitsi?
Now I am not sure if you have already done this or it is on its way? But I get that there is no ID/USER to have these options so far because of the authentication methods used?
The way I have seen Jitsi created to me is Troll paradise with no ways to combat this.
Jitsi looks like it has been made for the corporate environment, Hence the Lobby. But even that has its problems so I have read.
May I suggest that you copy the way Facebook or many other apps block users. once the user blocks the other user, then they can not be seen again. I know your thinking but there is no user or ID and I say Make it so.
Also do not just stay stuck on Linux create it for windows companies to, then more will use it.
Make a way to have some sort of number/ID like Facebook so that once a user blocks them that’s it, they’re gone, Make it so the user has control of what they see and hear not the just the room owner or Moderator because in the end your just making a forum with webcam and voice renamed a conference client. I know its hard with WebRTC but it is possible because I did it. If the options are not there then use new ideas to put them there and let the user have control to block someone, then it gets rid of all this over coded open-source client with a lobby which is very small protection to trollers these days.
O, by the way, can you make a conference room static without anyone being in there? if not then why? You should do those two because I can’t run 20 rooms without a bot to keep it open. Just make it so it comes alive if someone comes into the room. I and a friend have done our best with what we have and we are so restricted because the option is just not there for anything but corporate use. I like Jitsi but it seems like there are no great innovations coming out and there is a huge race now of open source WebRTC clients out there with block methods.
I have seen so many people leave Jitsi for something better and that’s why I am writing this or one of the reasons but make a client where the user has control with an ignore button or block, something like that. Unless the devs have a rethink on things Jitsi will just be an over coded Forum/conference platform aimed at corporate only because that’s how it is looking to me and trust me I got 20 years on this subject, I know what I’m saying is correct. but I’m not putting Jitsi down, I am giving you some experience, just give the control to the user like every other app out there and if you can not then get someone who can, anything is possible with WebRTC and other languages so make it possible if you are good then you will do well but if you stay as you trust me you will end up as just another open-source WebRTC client out there. It is a lot of database work but its all possible. Be the best as fast as you can because there so many new alternatives out there. Again I’m not putting jitsi down but I have had to come up with my own ideas to combat the lack of options in the code.
If you hide this post then ill know I’m talking to a lost course but please innovate more on the security and give the users the control or people will get bored quick. Its been months of changes to the code and my service is still not ready, so have a think about what I said and create new options that can be fun for the user and a way to block or ignore the troller only for the user, not the main room, what’s the point in muting someone if the room owner can unmute them or the user can unmute themselves? Make it so the rooms can be static and if you can’t then make it so you can.
I am just thinking out loud because I am not having much luck with jitsi as well so I thought id give a bit of advice. I hope you do well and there are lots of new ideas to come, all the best to the Jitsi Devs.
Best regards.

You can already achieve that by using jwt. If you block that user away from your system so he cannot login there and obtain jwt he will not be able to use the video part of your system.

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@MrParadise, I think you completely misunderstand the driving intent behind a platform like Jitsi. Jitsi is not like your traditional video conferencing platform, because in order to give you - the user - power over your privacy, it does not collect all the information required to implement these ‘features’ you’re asking about. If the driving principle behind Jitsi is individually-controlled privacy, then unless you enforce your own user-management system, there is no permanence of user data.

You can use JWT to manage access to your application. Jitsi does not do that out of the box, because again, the driving philosophy behind Jitsi is to require as little information as possible from a participant joining a meeting. This open philosophy means that for some people, vanilla Jitsi may not meet all their requirements, BUT Jitsi is so flexible that you can pretty much build anything into it to make it work the way you want (for the most part). That’s the beauty - and strength - of Jitsi. If you want a caked video conferencing system without needing to do any extra development for your specific need, perhaps Jitsi is not the best solution for you. Jitsi gives power -and range - to the mind that’s open to being creative and willing to do some development ‘leg work’. I mean, what other platform out there gets a complete novice building a fully-featured video-conferencing platform in under an hour? If you try to get a hammer to do the work of a needle, you will complain about its ‘ineffectiveness’. :blush:

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Ok I get that and as I said I am not fully up to date on any upgrades or updates and I am interested in JWT because as I said I am trying to find ways in the code to combat trollers so I will look into that, thank you. On the privacy drive behind Jitsi, it is impossible to protect someone’s privacy because of WebRTC leaks, the app and there are always logs on a server so you cant say your not collecting peoples information, also adaptations that have been added to jitsi for the most simple things, I agree its flexable but not that flexable, I get what your aim is and its great but it can only be used by a very small group of people/companies because its so wide open to trolling, I was right it is made for corpret companies :wink: To be honest, it is a traditional video conferencing platform just well encrypted but by doing that you have a platform that will always be wide open to attacks so it defeats the use of it that’s why I have read so many people give up on it, a quick google alternative to Jitsi shows me that soon someone will figure out a way so you can have both, good security and options people need to have an uninterrupted classroom. I am very sorry to say I don’t see a lot of beauty - and strength with Jitsi yet, all I see is a forum with a lot of fails and complaints or have you deleted them already :wink: My advice would be to keep up the good work and ad better innervations to it.
I shall have a look at this JWT.
Also did you give any thought about static rooms?