Can we video conference without the internet?

I have a small environment that has 15 individuals that work from individual cubicles/workstations throughout the building I’m in. They need to be able to video conference with each other on a regular basis however, the issue is that they have no internet connectivity. Is there a way to use jitsi on my server to allow them to video conference between each other without the internet? I have my Windows 2016 server assigning a static IP addresses to the the specific MAC address of each PC for my team. Is it possible to configure something that can work to allow them to have video conferencing? (i.e. maybe IP can video conference with etc.??) Any help or suggestions are sure appreciated.

Sure, setup Hyper-V on this thing, install Ubuntu 18.04 (easier option), follow the quick install, name it something like myvideoserver, use a self-signed certificate on this name, install it on all workstations, add myvideoserver in local DNS, setup Chrome(ium) on all computers and then access https://myvideoserver, don’t see why it would not work.

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Hi. Do you have any instructions for installing jitsi meet on local server (Windows) and use it without internet conection. Which files should I get for it? I downloaded file from here: But the error is:

Can u help me please?

no, I don’t have anything to add to my previous post about using Jitsi-meet on a Windows computer.

ok thanks