Can we use Jitsi Audio/Video Call API for our Commercial Product

Hi @Community

We are selling one of the WordPress groups and one-to-one chat plugin on the Codecanyon Marketplace. What we need is that we want to add Audio and Videos Call features to that plugin.

Is Jisti allowed to add to the Commercial product which we are selling? Is it an MIT license, so we can integrate it into our plugin also we will write on our plugin description page that we are using Jitsi for the Auido/Videos calls?

Thank you

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If you’re self-hosting, you can use Jitsi as you like. If you’re trying to use the public instance at though, there are terms and conditions.

Hi @Freddie

Yes, it will be on the self-hosting of the customers who will buy the plugin license. We will just provide the instructions to setup the plugin for the audio/video calls to their servers.

So in this case we are free to use this library in our commercial product license which we are selling through Envato Market?

Do we need to contact or any contact from where we can get official permissions from Jitsy author?

I really appreciate your help

Thanks again

Yes, you are free to use it as described and no, you do not need official permissions, they’re granted already through the license.