Can we update JitsiMeetConferenceOptions while call is running?


Can we change JitsiMeetConferenceOptions while my call is running in my IOS application? I need to change the JitsiMeetConferenceOptions programatically… I need not to tap on video mute button but require to mute the video .
If its possible please tell me how or provide some alternative solution.

I tried by changing the JitsiMeetConferenceOptions and then again calling Join: function but it reload my setting and again I get loader on my side and other side participant is hidden for 1-2 seconds.

Please help !!

This is not currently implemented. Each JitsiMeetConferenceOptions applies for a given conference.

What is your usecase, which requires programatically muting?

Hi Saghul
Thanks for your quick response, for my application I have my own audio call layout which have options like Hangup, speaker, mute, hold, video start, video pause. I am able to integrate JITSI call in my app and its working fine. I want like that

  1. If its audio call, then view should be mine but under it functionality should be of Jitsi. Like if I make hangup then jets call should be hangup, or if I tap on mute button then Jitsi call should be muted… so like Button pressed are of my audio view but functionality tiggered should be of Jitsi…

  2. If its Video call, then I want Jitsi video call as it is… which is currently happening fine.

  3. In my audio view, I have option to change audio call to video call. So if I press video button
    then Jitsi audio call should change to video call without rejoining as it happen in Jitsi call.

I don’t have expertise over react native, basically this I am doing because I am unable to design my audio view in react. Else I would have designed it into react and worked like the same way as jets is doing…

Thank you !!

Got it. I think it makes sense.

This has been requested a few times already, so I guess it’s about time we do it :slight_smile: No ETA though.

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Thanks for your response.

So you mean you are going to update the SDK then we need to download new version of Jitsi ? or you will be providing a solution to me :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you!!

We will update the SDK to add this functionality.

OK, Good to hear this…, lets wait then.

Also while we join any meeting, what is the time its taking as it shows a loader spinning for few seconds. Can’t we stop it or reduce its time.

I guess it’s js loading time. So can’t we minimize that. as things can be more quicker.

Secondly I want to remove that white page where its says “connecting you to your meeting”…

The spinner shows while you are being connected to the conference. There is no way to reduce the time it takes.

You can’t, unless you modify the source and recompile the SDK yourself. We have no plans to add a runtime option for this.