Can we serve both a secure and an anonymous domain from same jicofo?

We have successfully set up Jicofo and nginx to serve multiple web domains. Now we would like to offer a “bulk” service, which is open and anonymous with lower quality (bandwidth, …) and a “pro.meeting.tld” domain for authenticated users only.

The handbook only tells me how to change jicofo to secure one domain. Can I run a multiple domain Jicofo in a mixed authentication mode? I already tried to set up a second prosody domain. But it seems that jicofo/config only allow to set exactly one JICOFO_HOSTNAME. When not setting this, jicofo says that focus.localhost is not found, but renaming that component in prosody lua to focus.localhost does not work either. Any ideas?

Jun 24 06:20:57 mod_component info Disconnecting component, stream:error is: stream:errorfocus.localhost does not match any configured external components</stream:error>