Can we launch Jitsi-meet-torture in a distributed manner?

Dear all,
I try to do some stress tests with Jitsi-meet-torture. With the fake video, a PC can launch more clients emulating participants joining conferences. In any case, up to ten clients, the PC starts slowing down and the degradation happens probably because the PC is saturated but not the jitsi server.
Do you have already some methods to run jitsi-meet-torture in a distributed environment, having several PCs/ servers so that we can increase further the numbers of participants for a real stress test?
Many thanks

Yes, we are using a selenium grid to spin up multiple nodes and we use jitsi-meet-torture/ at master · jitsi/jitsi-meet-torture · GitHub to add many participants. That uses also a minimal client which can lower the browser load, but still use the same signaling and media so it will be realistic for the deployment.

Dear @damencho
Really the Selenium Grid is a great tool for distributed testing.
However I still face the following problems while trying to make a stress test:
-With Selenium Grid, the camera (even for the fake one with a video file) of a node is not enabled by default, only on the local PC (where the app torture is launched) the camera is enable. And the situation does not simulate the real scenario where I would like to test: everyone joins a conference with camera on.
-In both case Selenium Grid and standalone, in one PC, I can launch maximum 3-5 browsers at max. Otherwise the PC is saturated before making some stress on the infrastructure / server itself. I wonder how can I simulate a bigger participants. Just a numeric example to illustrate my problem: one PC (weak configuration) can host 3 browsers launching by Torture, for 1 class of 30 participants, I need 10 PCs. If I would like to simulate 500 class concurrently I still need physically 5000 PCs. How can I reduce this enormous amount of PCs ?
Many thanks in advance for your help

Maybe you have a setting in config.js start video muted or something?

We use a high number of VMs to load test. I suppose you are using malleus which uses the thin client:

This gives you the option to use more clients on one machine.

Yep, that’s true. For our test at the moment we use was c5.xlarge for the selenium nodes where you can run up to 12 receivers or 2 senders.

Dear @damencho
We really got stuck with mass simulation. Would you please explain a bit more on the nginx setting for loading test minimal client ? You tested on C5.xlarge without screen? Then you used some headless selenium configuration? Can you provide here a link?
Many thanks

The nginx example is above, just uncomment it … When running malleus this is what it uses bu defaul.

Yes we use the selenium nodes …

Link for what?

Dear Damencho,
I meant if you have some links to some docs on headless selenium for running torture on servers without screen then you cn share them to me.
Look for grid part