Can we go under 180p when setting video minimum height constraints?

We have been looking at possibilities of setting 90p as the minimum video height in pursuit of having more participants show up in a grid view without much of client side performance issues.

Basically, by having the below setting in config.js

constraints: {
        video: {
            height: {
                ideal: 360,
                max: 360,
                min: 90

After reading up some jitsi code and code comments in jitsi-meet and JVB, we figured out that I could only get to 180p and not under it.

I found some code where 180 is hardcoded in jitsi-meet and JVB.
Code screenshot from JVB code, for instance

Any particular reason why we do this and are we going to have an ability to set a much lower minimum anytime soon?

Thank you.