Can we get Jitsi working on multiple domains on Nginx server?


Loving Jitsi and have 2 servers running with different domains.
I am looking to combine these servers so we only have to use 1 vps.
We want to use sub.domain1. com and sub.domain2. com.

So far we are unable to find a clear step by step guide how we can get multiple domains running with ssl. But especially none with Nginx.
We are able to get the additional domain resolving but we get an ssl error and it shows the hostname of the server.
We created a second ssl for the domain succesfully but whatever config we change, we cannot get it to work.

I know this is not a supportdesk but i hope some people can help me with this. I know more people will find this post and offered solutions.

What did i do:
Install Jitsi and requested ssl on hostname
Change nginx config file in sites-enabled and added additional domain to server_name
Requested ssl for additional domain (works), it resolves.

Then ssl did not work. What i tried to do to fix this:
Tried this: Same Jitsi-Meet instance with multiple domain names
This did not help, ssl did not work.
Also seems not the right solution for me.

Tried this: Installing Jitsi-Meet twice on one server with two subdomains
As soon as i do this i get all sorts of nginx errors, when i solve these i get grey pages when visiting the pageā€¦but also ssl still does not work on additional domain.

I hope someone can help us out, and also future googlers :slight_smile:

hello jeffer. have you been successful in setting up Jitsi working on multiple domains on Nginx server. i have been trying to set up on a local ip and from public ip on same jitsi without any success.
can you help in this regard.
thanks in advance