Can we create notification container with jitsi low level api?

Please provide some reference if this is possible. Trying to implemented but not able to found anything relevant. Need feature similar shown in screenshot with Jitsi low level api

Thanks in advance

Lib-jitsi-meet meet does not have any UI elements, you need to handle them in your code.

Thanks for the quick response.

I am also not able to handle these notification. Can you share file name/code or function name

I am sending request to Moderator using raise hand button from participant side. Now i need to get the action on participant side when moderator clicked on ‘Ask to unmute’ button

You need to listen for lib-jitsi-meet/JitsiConferenceEvents.js at 79afa717178c8e79390af2178870358bbf17759d · jitsi/lib-jitsi-meet · GitHub

It work’s. Thank you for the help.

Need similar action when click on Tile view button on moderator side. How can i get the action on participant side when i click on Tile View toolbar button.

You need first to enable follow-me and then listen for

Thank you again.

You guys are awesome.