Can’t able to hear some users voice in audio call on react native mobile application

Now we using jitis as service on our application which we just use the free plan of user upto 25. with the default config on jitsi as service from web the we can hear the voice and video of the other user (mobile application jitis link) from the web the iframe api of web is working fine.

But the problem is that the user using the mobile application which we made in react native and implemented the jitis conference URL ‘(8x8 Work)’ to access the jitis the video can see but the audio from the web cant hear. we just open the jitis url on mobile application browser it self. when user join first time we cant hear the voice from the web but after exit and enter again it works fine.
but when we copy the URL and past in the browser it works fine.
so any solution for this

Since you’re using JaaS, you should contact JaaS Support.

but they are not responding

this is issue
the doctor is from the website which we do in iframe api and the patient is from mobile react native mobile which simply open the mobile application browser.
any solutions

  1. When doctor joined the call first then the patient joined video call working fine,
  2. But when the patient is joined first then the doctor has been joined issue still exist (Patient cant hear the doctor voice).
  3. But in the same scenario if third person joined call working, if rejoined again with same link issue exist

is there any issue with the web browser or mobile browser?