Can set conference from http://localhost but not from https://<hostname>

Have a media server with the following packages installed
apt-get install jitsi-videobridge2=2.1-186-g29a8b927-1 jitsi-meet=2.0.4481-1 jitsi-meet-web=1.0.4032-1 jitsi-meet-prosody=1.0.4032-1 jicofo=1.0-552-1 jitsi-meet-web-config=1.0.4032-1

Using lib-jitsi-meet can make a conference from laptop eg. http://localhost
But the same software on https:// does not create conference.

No visible errors in console or in the media service logs. At least couldn’t spot anything.

To connect using HTTPS anything specific need to be done on media server?

Thank you