Can screen share to mobile devices

With the latest server updates, screen sharing from a PC does not display on mobile devices android, iphone and ipad. Screen share from mobile devices shows on all devices mobile and PC

Please search the forum a bit, this has been answered before. With the latest stable release this should be working again.

What version of the app are you using?

On the ipad I am using version 22.5.1 build 1662035165
With the configuration changes recommended by Damian Minkov the problem has been resolved for everyone except ipad users. The ipad works correctly when I connect via
chrome but when connected via the jitsi app the shared screen does not appear.


I am facing the same issue with both android jitsi app devices and IOS app.
If there is a page to refer could you please mention it here.
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the share from pc works fine if I open it on the phone from any browser.

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I changed config.js as follows

// Feature Flags.
flags: {
    // Enables source names in the signaling.
    sourceNameSignaling: true,

    // Enables sending multiple video streams, i.e., camera and desktop tracks can be shared in the conference
    // separately as two different streams instead of one composite stream.
    sendMultipleVideoStreams: true,

    // Signal that this client supports receiving multiple video streams. Without this flag jicofo will enable
    // multi-stream backward compatibility.
    receiveMultipleVideoStreams: true,
This fixed the android problem for me.  It also fixed the iPhone problem but not the iPad problem.
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thanks a lot it solved the issue as you said on android and iphone

but I don’t have an ipad to test now. if I get any chance to test it on ipad I will update you with the result.

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App version 22.6.0 will be rolling out next week, which fixes this.

You can opt into the beta (link in the handbook) for those who like to have an early scoop of things.