Can people charge for people using their hosted Jitsi?


I am a managing director in the UK who partners with many companies such as IONOS (1and1), Dial9, Unlimited Web Hosting, Weebly and Wix and all of these services I charge my clients for to use their services on the same price as what is being sold or just cheaper.

I have been using Jitsi for my own company now and my staff use Jitsi for remote conferencing with clients. One questions I got from my client is would it be possible to pay my company for this service on a virtual server and in their own branding? Just seeing if that is possible to do or whether I would have to make them host it and have the Jitsi branding?

Just seeing as I know that I would have many clients who would love to have Jitsi for their company but do not have the resources or expertise to set this up.

Jitsi’s current licence is Apache Licence v2.0 ( ).

You are free to have your instance for commercial use.