Can only start a conference room "index.html"

jits-meeti on my site doesn’t work any more. People can’t make conference room and jitsi-meet only creates “index.html” as conference room.
jitsi-meet has been working for almost 1 year.

jitsi-meet is running on an ubuntu 20.4 LTS and apache2 2.4.55

when a conference room is enter a 403 error message is show:

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when “index.html” is using as conference room name. a conference room ïndex.html" is created.
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I have checked the configuration of Jitsi-meet and searched on the internet for the solusion or the possible root cause of it, but can’t find it.
please help me to solve this issue.

Thank in advanced,


Your nginx config is the problem.
This is what matches any url to be a room name and to be served by the index

I have Apache2 running on the Unbuntu server 20.4 LTS
can I also put these code in apache2 site-config ?

This is how your apache config should look like jitsi-meet/jitsi-meet.example-apache at master · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub

This is the rewrite rule:

I checked the configuration on my server with your provided conf. it is the exact config.
please see the attached image/

What is the log in apache when you see the forbidden error?

I guest It relates to rewrite module of apache2. I am reading Apache2 document on apache site, but can’t find something wrong yet

sorry wrong picture. here is the right picture:

Yeah, something in your config is wrong and blocking it … not sure what it is, but probably you are more familiar with apache then me and you have all the configs to check …

trying almost everything, but I find the root cause yet. any idea?

and can you explain what is happening when conference room is entered.