Can OBS be used with Jitsi?

I looked but didn’t find much on this topic. here goes

OBS is software that allows you to bring in multiple video and audio sources together to produce videos. For example, I can queue up content, different cameras, etc and switch to them seamlessly. Like producing a TV show. It can live stream to create a “live show”. For streaming it mainly uses RTMP. There is a folk that provides outputting the stream to WebRTC. GitHub - CoSMoSoftware/OBS-studio-webrtc: This is a fork of OBS-studio with generic support for webrtc. It leverages the same webrtc implementation most browsers use.

I’m curious if anyone has used OBS with jitsi. Id like to have OBS stream directly to a meeting using webrtc. The latency of RTMP and then writing out to HLS or DASH is pretty high for live streaming. I think webrtc would solve this.
Jitsi can offer authentication along with its other features. Keeping everything on prem, and over a LAN is a huge gain as well. My audience would be about 500 participants with their audio and video disabled.


you looked but not hard enough to find this.

saw that, but doesn’t address audio. It also requires logging into a meeting from the browser, and using desktop sharing. Hoping to find a cleaner, more direct integration.

For video, just use the OBS virtual camera as the source in your Jitsi session. Whatever you see in the OBS preview will appear to your participants in Jitsi. You can have multiple cameras in different scenes with elegant transitions, you can add LUTs to color grade the camera input, you can compose scenes with content and camera sources combined… Whatever OBS can do, it’ll pass to the browser. I’m pretty sure I did 4k through OBS into Jitsi once as a test.

Audio is different. I don’t think there’s a way for the audio sources in OBS scenes to pass to the browser. At least the virtual camera doesn’t have an audio equivalent in the mic picker. For my audio, I either use an external mixer with a USB interface or a software-based solution like Loopback. Depends on what your audio sources are.

oh well. still not ideal. Thank you for the suggestion though.

I think I’ll just end up standing up a webserver and js player. looks like obs can output to hls, Maybe that will be enough to reduce the latency. worse case, I do nothing, and don’t implement OBS and we continue to do things in a clunky way! ha

I’m not sure about your use case. Maybe jitas works for you