Can not send video and mic to conference with low-level-api jitsi

hello everyone, i am a newbie frontend developer. I set up jitsi low-level-api for my angular app to connect, that my private server. i cant sent video and mic to show for participant, but i connect my app with every thing is OKE.
I tried connecting an another app with the iframe jitsi react to connect the my private server, and it is OKE.
i see one warning is
[modules/RTC/TraceablePeerConnection.js] <w.prototype._processLocalSSRCsMap>: No SSRCs found in the local SDP for LocalTrack[1,audio]
So i belive that i was missing something in my config. sorry for bad writing english. hope receive the answer

Does your deployment work on its own? Can you have 3 participants in a meeting?

Thanks for reply, i dont know about the deployment but my low api app could connected and send video, mic very well until my DevOpp friend rebooted the server meet,umeebank,co 2 days ago and then the low api app cant send video
this is url image about warning( low api)

this is the conference with no video from low api

yes you can have 3 participants, I created 3 participant with Iframe jitsi instance into 1 room and it is OKE
Hope your answer

Not sure I understand what I’m looking at.

I’d suggest you take a step back and test without any iframe or low level API. JUst access the deployment and try to have a call with 3 participants.

Please tell me exactly what i have to do about accessing the deloyment and calling with 3 participant, i dont know how the server work because my DevOpp friend set up it
i just can do it, is it true?

Yes, that looks good, it means the server seems to be setup correctly.

Now, if you are using the low level library you need to pass the same config as the server uses (config.js) are you doing that?

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Hey, i fixed it. Actually the server is fine and the Problem from link embed low level library, that get from the guide low level api. Maybe it updated and make no video when i connect conference. So i added the low level js file version from my private server and it worked.
Thank for supporting saghul. i took much time to fix. OMG!!

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