Can not run Jitsi desktop electron with npm distribution in mac

Hi. I have cloned the jitsi electron git repo and followed the instruction. After running npm install and npm start it is starting in development mode, but when I run npm run dist, there are errors.

ERROR in ./node_modules/history/esm/history.js 5:0-39

Module not found : Error : Can’t resolve ‘tiny-invariant’ in '/Users/siam/All Projects/jitsi-meet-electron/node_modules/history/esm’

webpack 5.62.1 compiled with 106 errors and 27 warnings in 16588 ms

what should I do? is there any configuration for mac?

Thank you.

I have Mac version 11.6 Big Sur. and node version 16.13.0 installed

ok, now npm run dist is working after I’ve updated npm packages in package.json file.
But in dis folder after I opening .app file its showing only white blank screen. No UI or anything