Can not kick out the GHOST participant


i met a problem in our comnpany weekly meeting. My early participant konto is always in the room whenever you step in . After a while the Connection situation turns from green to gray. Our mederator can not kick it out, either. I hope someone will help me out. THANK YOU!

Hi there!
This leads to a lot of follow up questions.
Is this a self hosted Server? If so, what Version are you running? Is Secure Domain enabled? How is the room protected against unwanted visitors?

thanks for the quick response.
we are using the university server Thers is no extra passwort requiment for our meeting room.

What version of Prosody are you running?

Well, at least you need a moderator who knows the login/pw to be able to create a room (“secure domain” is enabled). And what happens next, the ghost participant is already there, or does he somehow enters the room and nobody knows who he is and he cannot be kicked? What if you use the lobby?