Can not get resolution video track from remote participant on mobile?


On mobile, I want to get the resolution or ( width, height ) of the video track in case of participants remote join from the desktop or web to determine the device and set the object-fit property for the video tag.

For example: if a participant joins from the web => the object-fit set is “cover” and vice versa.


On the web ( see image link), I can see the info video track

But on mobile, I can’t be determined whether is device web or desktop because this info is empty( see image link)


  • I think in core Jitsi meet, has something code check if the device is mobile => format settings for mobile is same.

  • I think I can use “setLocalParticipantProperty” to send info to another participant with info is device user join.

please help me or have any other solution, thanks.

getSettings is not implemented for remote tracks on mobile, just for local tracks. You can get resolution information through getStats though.