Can not become moderator of the same room after destroying that via xmpp stanza

I have added a end meeting method in lib-jits-meet which is called when a moderator choose to end the meeting for all participant.

The method uses xmpp stanza to achieve this task.
Destroying a Room

After sending this Stanza , meeting end event has been successful and all participants are also being kicked out of room, but the problem is when I am starting a new conference with the previous room name , no user is getting moderator privilege…
So, previous moderator has actually not left? and Jicofo has also left successfully in this case? If not is it preventing new user to become moderator?

Please any help on this. the end meeting part will be completed in our system if this works. but this issue is preventing that.

Thank you everyone.

Are you using latest jicofo?

hi @damencho , sorry for the late reply. I am using Jicofo-6726 version

Yep, there was a similar bug we fixed. You better update and try that.

Thank you. Is the fixation is in latest Jitsi version? or any version after 6726.

It is fixed in jicofo 875 fix: Clears ChatRoom instance on destroy. Fixes #905. · jitsi/jicofo@7092fe2 · GitHub

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