Can Moderator leave meeting and shut down meeting room to other Participants

Hi Everyone:

I use for all my conference calls now.

It works pretty much like a charm.

Question -

I set up the meeting link, provide it to the Participants, and get on the conference link first to make sure I have Moderator rights. All good.

When the meeting is over and I am ready to leave, I would like to close down the meeting room altogether after my goodbyes to everyone. I don’t want Participants to be able to stay on the conference link after I am gone.

Is there a way to accomplish this?



We don’t maintain that deployment.

With your your own deployment you can enable the “end meeting for all” feature.


Sorry -

Where is the “end meeting for all” feature.

I can’t find it in Settings or Participants settings.

Have a missed it?



Do you have your own deployment?


I am just a small businessman. I am not a Developer.

I don’t know what you mean by deployment.

I use - your server to do conference calls.

Please give me the “plain English” explanation.



He meant, did you install Jitsi on your own server? It doesn’t sound like you did, judging from your response. If you did, you could configure your own Jitsi installation to enable the feature you’re asking about.

Thanks Freddie.

Appreciate the clear & precise answer.

I didn’t install Jitsi on my own server,

Honestly, I don’t even know what a server is!

And Sagul - I give you 1 out of 5 for your answer!

Understand, we are ordinary users. This is not the Developer’s forum.

And you are the only “support” we have for this site.

So please speak plain English.



No, no, noooo, we don’t do that, @Robert_Cohen. We don’t castigate people who try to help us. I had to read over again to see if he was being ‘short’ somehow; he wasn’t - at all. I think because this is not your area of expertise, you just didn’t quite get it. He was being helpful and he gave you all the relevant info.

A server (in the simplest term) is a central computer that you use to provide services. You can install Jitsi on your own server and when you do so, you can configure (apply settings) to your server to make it provide those services a certain way (e.g. allowing meeting Moderator to shut down the meeting room to other Participants as they leave).

The free servers that are open to the public (an example of which is the one you’re using -; another example - this one, hosted by the Jitsi team itself -, don’t give you that level of control. They are configured by the owners of the servers, so you can’t make changes to them. That’s why @saghul was telling you that what you’re requesting is already an available feature, but it’s not currently enabled on the team-hosted free server ( or the other free server you’ve been using (, however, if you host your own server, you can enable it.


This is the feature - “End meeting for all”:


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Apologies - you are right.

I (grossly) over-reacted.

Re-reading Saghul’s comments, his advice is pretty clear. I shouldn’t have said what I said, and I apologize unreservedly.