Can Jitsi make/receive phone calls and SMS from a GSM gateway through SIP?


As I understand, Jitsi supports SIP.

SIP is very universal and is the usual exchange protocol for VoIP bridges based on Freeswitch and Asterisk.

One possible endpoint for these is a GSM modem allowing bridging SIP <-> GSM.

Do any of the Jitsi clients support GSM voice calls and SMS reception and origination over SIP?

If not, what would it take to develop them (in technical terms) - especially for the Android Jitsi client?


Those are not supported.
Jitsi Desktop is user agent and normally the gsm gateways are also user agents(or maybe I’m missing something) so I don’t see how those two can talk together without a server in the middle.
The only android client that supports sip, was in alpha and was suspended more than 3 years ago.


Freeswitch or Asterisk are the server.

What you really have is:

GSM gateway <–(SIP)–> Freeswitch <–(SIP)–> Jitsi


Okay, so Jitsi clients have no SIP but there’s the Jitsi Gateway to SIP (jigasi).
I just wonder how do you tell it that the recipient of my chat message or voice stream is a specific type of client that needs a phone number - and then Freeswitch can do the bridging from SIP to GSM.

  1. You want to foward the chat messages in a conference to sms messages through the gsm gw?
  2. If you have connected gsm gw and jigasi to freeswitch, I don’t see a problem from a jitsi-meet conference to call a number that depends on your dualplan that will use the gsm gw to call and connect to a conference.

  1. I’m suggesting this as the simplest solution. But something more explicit (i.e.: Jitsi UI tells you you’re sending an SMS and not a chat msg) would obviously be better.

  2. Sounds good. :slight_smile: